Mission & Outreach

STATEMENT:   The Mission department encourages Christians to fulfill the Great Commission. We want to make Christ known and have His name in our community and other nations. God’s desire is for people to become disciples, and we serve God by serving others in our community and other continents.

We believe the mission of the church is to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20).

Our Mission department supports the following:

I. Missionaries : Due to the sensitivity of the regions in where our partners serve, we cannot publicize the names of supported missionaries.

II.  Seminarians :  Seminarians from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Biblical Seminary of the Philippines

III. Organizations:

    1. 4 C
    2. ACTs International
    3. Bible Exposition International
    4. BGCT
    5. Far East Broadcasting Co.
    6. Malaysia Bible Seminary
    7. SBTC/TBA
    8. Singapore Bible College
    9. TransLight Mission

IV. Christian Magazines:

      1. Chinese Christian Mission
      2. Chinese Christian Herald
      3. Ambassador for Christ
      4. Overseas Campus Magazine
      5. Daily Bread

V. Short Term Mission

VI. Local Mission

Seminary Scholarship: The committee gives scholarships to those who participate  in church activities on a regular basis during their seminary study. The committee also assists those who receive recommendation from our Pastor/Elders recommendation that accepts our believes and study in seminary.  Please contact with us for application forms.

The Church Support Missionary Program provides opportunities for  members/missionaries to give their time to the Lord through service missions. Please contact us for more information about the application process.

Giving :  The Mission ministry is funded by God’s provision in the form of the offerings and tithes of our faithful church family. At ACBC we honor God’s provision by exercising wise and faithful stewardship, ethical business practices, and full accountability so that the financial integrity of ACBC remains above reproach.

Mission Committees members:

  • Marshell Mu
  • David Jiang
  • Eliyah Shira
  • Jack Wang
  • John Sison
  • Tim Chen
  • Mike Hsieh

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