榮耀神  Glorify God in All We Do

  • God is glorified when we enjoy Him with all our being and execute His will for us.
  • 當我們全然享受神並遵行祂的旨意的時候,便是榮耀神。

塑造基督品格 Develop Christlike Character

  • Christian character is a result of growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • 當我們與耶穌基督之間的關係逐日進深之後就能擁有基督徒品格。

尊重恩待他人 Be Respectful and Graceful

  • Provide an atmosphere where everyone can contribute to the ministry through kindness, thoughtfulness, forgiveness and freedom.
  • 提供一個合适的氛圍以便每個人都能帶着友善、周到、包容和自由的态度投入主的事工。

彼此問責 Be Accountable to One Another

  • A willingness to answer for one’s life; characterized by openness, teachability, honesty, and availability.
  • 樂意對他人的生命有迴應;擁有開誠佈公的、受教的、正直的,以及可用的品格。

帶著喜樂事奉 Be Joyful in Ministry

  • Joyful using God’s gift to serve Him and others.
  • 喜樂的使用神所賜的恩賜來服事神和他人。

將最好的獻上 Give Our Best Efforts

  • Pursuing the will and love of God as the highest standard for Christian conduct.
  • 追求神的旨意以及愛神是基督徒的最高守則。