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Welcome to Arlington Chinese Bible Church

主日聚会時間 Sunday Meeting Times 

10:00 am 聯合主日崇拜  Combined Worship
兒童主日學 (ZOOM) Children Sunday School (ZOOM, English)
11:30 am 青少年生命小組 (ZOOM) Youth LIFE Group (ZOOM)
生命小組 (ZOOM, 不同時間) LIFE Groups (Varying ZOOM meeting times)
暂停 兒童聖樂班 Children’s Music Experience (Suspended due to pandemic)
暂停 教會詩班 Church Choir (Suspended due to pandemic)



Arlington Chinese Bible Church Reopening Health & Precaution Guidelines

根據美國疾控中心和德州州政府的建議,同工會決定將實施以下防護措施,以確保教會重新開啓實體敬拜的安全。In accordance with the CDC guidelines, Governor’s Office and ACBC’s co-workers recommendations concerning best practices to reopen houses of worship, these guidelines will be utilized as we reopen our church for worship.

環境衛生與預防程序 Sanitary & Precautionary Procedures

  • 所有參加者都要求戴口罩或面罩 Masks / cloth face coverings are required to be worn by attendees in all locations
    • Note: 教會可給有需要的人提供口罩 Church will provide masks if needed
  • 紅外溫度計測量參加者的體溫 Use infrared thermometer for all attendees
  • 進口處提供洗手液 Use hand sanitizer prior entering the sanctuary
  • 進口處登記為追蹤聚會情況 At entrance check-in to track attendance
  • 教會正門為唯一進出口處 Use Church main door for entrance and exit only
  • 座位至少會有6英尺的隔離 Adjust seating configurations to maintain the distance of six feet between families
  • 進出流量多的區域加強清潔衛生 Disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces
  • 會堂的足夠通風 Adequate ventilation in sanctuary
  • 電子檔的週報及報告 Weekly bulletins will be provided electronically
  • 不傳遞奉獻袋,以及其他與敬拜有關的物品 No items will be passed among attendees, including offering bags, print bulletin or other worship items.
  • 參加者應實行無接觸問候 Attendees should practice touchless greeting (no handshakes or hugs)
  • 不提供兒童看顧 Nursery and childcare will not be provided

彼此相顧,保持健康 Considering Others and Staying Healthy

參照疾控中心標準,我們建議以下人群先留在網上敬拜和團契 According to CDC  All individuals that fall within the high-risk groups as defined by CDC are encouraged to stay home and continue to worship and fellowship online with us :

  • 65歲以上的長者 65 years and older
  • 哮喘病患者 Asthma
  • 慢性肺病患者 Chronic lung disease
  • 任何咽痛,咳嗽,頭痛,肌肉痛,腹瀉等症狀Symptoms of fever, sore throat, cough, headache, muscle or body aches, diarrhea, etc
  • 糖尿病患者 Diabetes
  • 肝病患者 Liver disease
  • 嚴重心臟病患者 Severe heart conditions
  • 免疫功能低的人 Immunocompromised
  • 在老人院或長期住在護理中心的人 Those live in a nursing home or long-term care facility
  • 診斷為嚴重肥胖者Diagnosed with severe obesity


** Prayer Request 代禱要求 online form  **

通告 Announcements


  1. 教會將於下週日七月五日實行第一階段重新開放:計劃允許25%容量的會友來參加實體敬拜。我們要求來教會的會友帶口罩,測試體溫,坐在指定的座位以及保持社交距離。僅提供電子板周報,並挪走詩歌本和聖經。也沒有兒童看顧和午餐。詳細防護措施,請參考教會網站。謝謝大家的理解和支持!
  2. 今年國慶節7/4是週六,根據教會相關規定,教會辦公室將在7月3日 休息
  3. 教會的敬拜可以在教會停車場通過調頻FM101.5上播放。弟兄姐妹也可以選擇來教會停車場參與敬拜臉書上直播方式不變
  4. 奉献 :弟兄姐妹可以選擇支票郵寄、網上銀行支付和电子轉賬三種方式來奉獻。詳細操作步驟請參考周報鏈接。
  1. Church will reopen for Sunday worship in person services with 25% capacity next Sunday July 5, 2020. We require that all attendees wear masks/cloth face coverings, have temperature checks, sit at assigned seats and keep social distance. Bulletins will be provided electronically. Hymn books and Bibles will not be provided. In addition, neither childcare nor lunch will be provided. Please refer to church website for detailed precaution guidelines. Thanks for your cooperation and support!
  2. 4th of July is on Saturday this year. Per church rules, church office will be closed on July 3rd to observe the holiday.
  3. Our Sunday worship also broadcasted on FM 101.5, accessible in the church parking lot. You are welcome to come to the church parking lot to worship if you like. The broadcast on Facebook remains unchanged.  
  4. Offering:Please choose one of the three options for offering: 1) Mail your check directly to church, 2) Online Banking Bill pay or E-Check, 3) Online Banking Electronic Transfer. Please refer to the ‘Offering’ Link in the bulletin email for detail instructions.