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Sunday Meeting Time

9:30 am 英文主日崇拜 English Worship
11:00 am 中文主日崇拜 Mandarin Worship

  The first Sunday of every month, we have combined worship at 11am


9:30 am 中文主日學 Adult Sunday School (Mandarin)
9:45 am 兒童詩班 Children Choir (English)
11:00 am 英文主日學 Adult Sunday School (English)
青少年主日學 Youth Sunday School (English)
兒童主日學 Children Sunday School (English)


  1. 從7月7日開始教會崇拜時間有重大調整。7月7日是聯合崇拜,早晨10:00開始,之後沒有生命小組討論。7月14日開始, 中英文崇拜分別在10點開始。崇拜結束後有生命小組討論。
  2. 青少年的短宣活動:教會的青少年計劃在7/5-7/13 參與去亞利桑那州Navajo族的短宣。弟兄姐妹可以通過奉獻給青少年基金或者報名參加下週日6/23的青少年洗車活動來支持他們。本次募款目標是$2000。具體細節可以聯繫青少年負責人Anthony、Chris和Melissa。謝謝!
  3. 暑假期間6月、7月、8月教會週五的團契暫停
  4. 2019年ACBC兒童暑期聖經學校(VBS)開始報名了。今年的VBS時間是8/5到8/9。所有幼兒園到小學六年級的兒童都歡迎報名參加。 7/21之前的報名費用是15 美元,之後報名費是30美元。報名表在門口桌子上。
  1. Starting from 7/7, there will be a big change in our Worship Schedule. Combined Worship will start at 10 am on July 7.  There will be no Life Group discussion that day. On 7/14, both English worship and Mandarin Worship will start at 10 am followed by Life Group Discussion.
  2. Several of the Church youth will be visiting Arizona’s Navajo tribe from 7/5 to 7/13 for mission work. You may support them by contributing to the Youth fund or sign-up for our car-wash event next Sunday 6/23. Their fund raising target is $2000. Please contact youth leaders for further details. Thank you!
  3. No Friday church fellowship during summer months of June, July and August.
  4. Registration for 2019 ACBC VBS is open now. The dates are from August 5 to 9. Kids from K-6th grades are all welcome. Early registration fee is $15. After 7/21, registration fee is $30. Registration forms are available on the table at the foyer.